Here are some of our program's distinctions:

I love the approach you all are taking with teaching the girls the sport, and giving them a great atmosphere at the same time. Teaching them to be good humans as well as athletes.
— 6th grade competitive league parent, Kelly O
  • Texas Volleyball Academy was developed by two coaches and former club directors. We also happen to be moms! We bring a unique approach to developing your young athlete. In our first ten years, we have trained over 3,000 athletes!


  • As experienced coaches and moms, we bring a unique approach to developing your young athlete. We pursue excellence in sport while protecting family relationships, schedules and time. We also consider your athlete as we would our own children.


  • The curriculum we have developed includes workouts that are designed for each age group that build from week to week. We use different ball weights, net heights and drills based on age and skill level. We teach the game of volleyball; we don't just play volleyball.


  • TVA requires a commitment of one night per week with no weekend commitments. This is a family friendly schedule and allows your young athlete to continue to pursue other interests while she continues to receive high level volleyball development.


  • We have outstanding coaches! All of the TVA staff have extensive playing and/or coaching experience. Our coaches are passionate about coaching the fundamentals and recognize the privilege of coaching young athletes.

  • TVA bridges the gap between recreational programs and club volleyball.