I have two daughters, one a high school senior, the other starting 8th grade this year. Along with all of the other pressures of being a young teen comes middle school athletics tryouts. For those not superstars in all of sports in the program, it can be quite an agonizing time. My older daughter attended TVA’s middle school tryout clinics. She knew absolutely nothing about volleyball and I’m proud to say, with TVA’s help, she made the volleyball squad in both 7th and 8th grade. My younger daughter was in the same boat. She, too, enrolled in the clinics, and made A team in 7th grade. We’re back for more clinic dates this summer. I can say, without a doubt in my mind, both girls would not have warranted a first look without the help of the passionate, encouraging, and knowledgeable staff at TVA. They run an absolutely stellar program and I am not ashamed to say I thoroughly enjoy watching the girls go through the motions as they rotate from station to station. My hearty congratulations to Erin and Ronda for leading such a talented team and instilling hope and confidence in our children!
— Mary, mom of 8th grade athlete