summer skills are not currently open for registration

Incoming 7th & 8th "Middle School Prep" Clinics with optional Stay and Serve Clinics: 7th & 8th Grade Athletes Only:

DESCRIPTION: Experienced coaches will instruct athletes in all skills with emphasis on proper mechanics. Athletes will participate in drills with high levels of repetitions/touches on the ball.  These clinics allow athletes to keep their hands on the ball throughout the summer months. Each clinic will review every skill and conclude with competition drills and games. 

Each night we have "STAY and SERVE" clinics available from 8:30-9 for an additional $10 (must pre-register, see below to register for STAY and SERVE clinics) 

Stay and Serves are designed to assist the server who is still struggling to serve overhand consistently. No advanced serving (area, float or jump) taught at this clinic.

Clinics will be held at Eaton High School and Northwest High School


$25 per clinic
$10 per "stay and serve"


Thanks Ladies for offering a realistic way to increase a young girls skills and enthusiasm to the game and still have time for a well-balanced young life. As a mom to 4 children, I wanted to personally thank you.

My daughter is dedicated and is ready to hustle, but the club commitment just seems overboard at this time in their playing career.
— 7th grade parent, Kori A.