I love the approach you all are taking with teaching the girls the sport, and giving them a great atmosphere at the same time. Teaching them to be good humans as well as athletes.
— 6th grade competitive league parent, Kelly O.
I don’t stop and give feedback often enough, but I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate this league. It’s the right mix of fun and learning, and that balance is too often lacking in youth sports. I sat beside a mom from a different team during playoffs and we were sharing some stories from another sport, not with the intention of judging or bashing, but with heartfelt appreciation for the fact that our girls are truly learning skills and the value of teamwork at TVA, without bankrupting family time or family finances. It’s so much fun to see my girl working hard AND laughing each week!
— 5th grade parent, Susan B.
Thanks Ladies for offering a realistic way to increase a young girls skills and enthusiasm to the game and still have time for a well-balanced young life. As a mom to 4 children, I wanted to personally thank you.

My daughter is dedicated and is ready to hustle, but the club commitment just seems overboard at this time in their playing career.
— 7th grade parent, Kori A.
Thanks again for your wonderful program. My daughter said the program had her more prepared for tryouts than anything we used last summer. The coaches at the stay and serve portion made some tweaks to her delivery that instantly improved her serve percentage, now she is consistently serving to the middle and back of the court with less arc on it. The development of her game both mentally and skill wise has been impressive since we enrolled her last winter and we thank you, Coach Rachel, as well as the program overall including the rest of the coaches.
— 7th grade parent, Greg C.
I wanted to say “Thank You” to you and your team of instructors for working with Jenell last year. As you know, my daughter will be with a club team this year and we are excited for her to continue building on the solid skill base TVA helped provide.

We will miss TVA, and we were very pleased to refer a friend to your program.
— 5th grade parent, Jesse V.
I really appreciate you getting my daughter in this fall. It was a fantastic experience for her. And I’ve been telling lots of friends. :) I’m just kicking myself for not signing her up last year.
— 6th grade instructional league parent, Hillary G.
I am so grateful that you are doing it the “right way”, allowing them to build confidence first, which is really important, plus the drills, technique is so important!
— 4th grade parent, Marijana C.
It is amazing the love for volleyball you have given my daughter. It’s truly a joy to watch. Thank you isn’t enough.
— 4th grade parent, Kelly F.
She made the CMSN A Team!!!!! WooHoo!

She could not have done it without you and your staff...and a lot of hard work and determination. Thank you!!!
— 7th grade parent, Diane L.
My daughter has really enjoyed this season. After the first night she said she really liked it because the girls wanted to play and didn’t just stand there and watch the ball go by them.
— 6th grade competitive league parent, Kristin K.
I am so thankful that I sent my daughter to the TVA ‘get ready for middle school tryouts’ volleyball camps. She is an athlete (soccer and swimming), but had very little volleyball experience. The camps prepared her physically and emotionally for try-outs. She made the middle school team and is really enjoying the game!
— 7th grade parent, Kelly C.
I love your format for teaching! I’ve heard from mom’s of other 9 yr olds their VB experience was not productive (in other programs.) Slow play, etc. I think this is great...once a week, focus on developing skills. FUN! My daughter is loving it.

— 4th grade parent, Audra R.
Thank you so much for your kindness, professionalism, coaching expertise and flexibility!!
You guys are the best!!!!

As I said in a previuos email never played volleyball before attending your summer clinic. You took her from being clueless, not hitting serves over to making the A team at her school.
— 7th grade parent, Melissa L.